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Griddles are versatile and some even come with a grilling section among other accessories, you can cook up an entire Sunday breakfast with eggs, pancakes, and hash browns and when dinner time rolls around, just give it a clean and cook your steak and burgers on it! 

If you are not sure of what a griddle is, it’s essentially a big flat frying pan. Griddles are usually large rectangles that let you put plenty of food on them, but the shapes and sizes of griddles depend on if they are made to be used indoors, outdoors, or professionally like in restaurants.

11 Best Propane Griddles Reviewed

Some are small enough to put on your counter beside your other appliances in your kitchen or RV and if you have a big garden where you like to hold parties and events then there are large griddles for those situations.

Even though some of the griddles in this list are small and portable, they should not be used indoors for safety reasons as they are powered by propane, but they are perfect for camping or using on porches. Having a griddle that can be powered by propane has many benefits and advantages.

Using propane is one of the most efficient sources of energy, it is readily available, convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly so you can griddle with peace of mind. In addition, propane has a good safety record but there are still safety precautions you should take when you use propane. 

If you are looking to get a griddle but are not sure of what one is best for you, this list of the 11 best propane griddles will surely help you out. 


#1 Camp Chef Flat Top Griddle

The Camo Chef Flat Top Griddle comes with a grill plate that you can interchange with the griddle plate so you can grill things like burgers and chicken if you prefer.

This restaurant-grade griddle has an impressive non-stick cooking space of 604 square inches and the grill plate has 501 square inches which will be able to keep up with hungry family and friends. You can also use the griddle surface to boil water if you use a container that is rated for temperatures reaching 212°F. 

The cooking surface heats up evenly and has four stainless steel burners that do not need matches to be ignited and have heat zones you can control independently from each other so you can cook items of food at different temperatures to ensure nothing gets burnt or undercooked. 

It comes with a grease management system that includes a catch bucket, grease tray, and adjustable griddle levers that make the grease clean up much faster and easier. It also has a propane tank holder, two large folding shelves, and adjustable legs.


  • 604 inches of cooking space – large space lets you fit a lot of food one at once, good for parties and big families
  • Different heat zones – can cook food on the same surface but using different temperatures which results in food being ready at the same time and cooked properly
  • Has a grill plate – grill plate can be interchanged with the griddle plate


  • Not very durable – this griddle can deteriorate and rust if left outside for extended periods of time so would do best with a cover or being stored indoors when not in use

#2 Blackstone 1814 Portable Flat Top Griddle

Blackstone lets you cook wherever you want with this griddle, it weighs 36 pounds and can easily fit in your trunk when you go on camping trips. It has a cooking surface of 268 square inches which provides enough space to feed you and your family on the go. 

Once you are done cooking, the clean-up is quick and easy as it has an integrated grease tray that catches all the drips and does not have to be emptied frequently due to its large capacity.

However, when you do need to clean it out it is easily done by sliding the tray out and cleaning it with a wet cloth, a clean wet cloth can also be used to wipe down the cooking surface. 

The food is cooked by an “H” shaped burner that lies under the griddle which ensures the heat is distributed evenly and the igniter lets you control the heat intensity from low to high. 


  • Portable – the griddle is lightweight and compact which easily fits in a car when you go on trips
  • Easy to clean – the grease tray is large and easy to clean along with the griddle surface


  • Does not have heat zones – you can only have one consistent temperature under the griddle
  • Small cooking space – the cooking space can feed a family of four but if you are feeding more people then it may be too small

#3 Blackstone 1825 36” Accessory Propane Griddle

If you are a fan of a griddle with accessories then you will be happy to know that this griddle comes with a cooking station that includes both a bottom and side shelf, garbage holder, grease catcher, removable paper towel holder, and a cutting board. 

This griddle offers restaurant-style cooking with its large 720 square inch cooking space with four heat zones and is easily turned on by a press of a button. The handle is made of durable plastic that is heat resistant and the stainless steel does not hold onto odors or stains. 

You can easily wheel this cooking station around with its four industrial-strength wheels and once you’ve found the perfect spot can be locked into place to keep it secure. When you are done, the legs are easy to fold up to allow enhanced portability. 


  • Four heating zones – you can keep food warm as other food still cooks or cook them to all be ready at the same time
  • 720 square inch cooking space – gives you the ability to cook a lot of food at once
  • Has wheels and foldable legs – makes it a lot more portable and easier to move on tricky surfaces


  • Cover is not watertight – if you rely on the cover to keep water off of the grill then you might experience leaking and warping. Using another cover over the top or storing it indoors should help. 

#4 Razor Griddle 25” Outdoor 2 Burner Portable Griddle

This griddle has a very simple design which is attractive to those who are just starting out with using griddles, and the simplicity of it is what makes it so portable.

It folds up and looks like a little flat suitcase that can be wheeled around and even carried with its easy to reach handle. It has a steel lid that can protect your food in all types of weather, saving you from having to cancel the cookout. 

The griddle surface is about 160 square inches and has dual stainless steel burners that can be attached to a one or 20-pound propane tank which gives you a lot of heat for such a small griddle. It has a grease management system that has access from the front which makes clean-up time easy. 


  • Very portable – the cooking station is lightweight and can fold up to be wheeled around and picked up
  • Easy grease management system – the grease drips into a cup that sits beside the controls


  • Small cooking surface – the surface is 160 square inches which is much smaller than other propane griddles on the market 

#5 Weber Liquid Propane Grill

The Weber Liquid Propane Grill has a unique look to it compared to the other propane grills out there and has some unique features too such as split porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates that can accommodate grill and griddle cooking once the griddle from the same brand is purchased separately.

It also has large grip handles, side handles and sturdy front and back cradles along with two folding tables. The glass-reinforced nylon frame and cast aluminum lid and body make it lightweight and sturdy which is great for taking on camping trips or if you don’t have much space. 

It runs on disposable LP cylinders that are not included but a propane tank is available to use instead as long as you have the appropriate adapter hose. It’s easy to assemble as it comes with a free app that you can use for 3D interactive assembly instructions.

It’s also easy to control as it is turned on with an electronic ignition which has a built-in thermometer that lets you monitor the temperatures. The cooking surface is 280 square inches and has a tall lid that lets you put bigger cuts of meat or vegetables on it and close the lid without squashing them. 


  • Looks attractive – has a modern design that makes a nice addition to any garden
  • Portable – it is small, lightweight, and easy to move around the side tables fold in, to conserve space


  • Small cooking space – 280 square inches of space which is not efficient for feeding large groups of people 
  • Griddle is sold separately – it does not come with a griddle, and you have to get it from the same brand so that it is compatible 

#6 Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable 3-Burner Propane Grill

30 pounds is all you will have to be carrying when you take this grill on your excursions. For its size, it has an impressive cooking surface of 316 square inches which is big enough to cook 15 pancakes all at once and has three steel ringed burners that can be controlled separately. 

The surface is at a slight angle so that the excess oil drips into the oil cup that is removable and is easy to clean after use. To turn on the griddle you just have to press one button and the commercial-grade stainless steel control panel is extra durable and easy to use. 

To wrap it all up, the product comes with a cover that keeps it clean and tidy as you store it or put it in the car. 


  • Portable – only weighs 30 pounds and can be put on tables or opened out truck beds so you can get cooking as soon as possible
  • Easy to use – matchless ignition and the control panel is straightforward to use
  • Burners can be controlled separately – you are not limited to what you cook on the griddle together


  • Slanted cooking surface – the surface is slightly slanted which is good for draining the grease but if you are cooking sausages or meatballs they can roll down
  • Does not have many accessories – does not have any shelves

#7 Royal Gourmet GB4001 4-Burner Griddle

This grill is perfect for using outside for cookouts as it is big and can be wheeled around. The 792 square inch cooking space can accommodate multiple burgers all at once and afterward can be easily cleaned by using its side handles to remove it.

This makes it a lot easier to clean than other griddles because you can take it directly to the sink or a hose and not worry about getting the rest of the station wet. You can also detach the oil cup with the side handle for a hassle-free clean-up. 

You can control the four stainless steel burners independently with the durable stainless steel control panel which also has an upgraded electronic ignition system. This allows you to bring the griddle to life with the press of a button. 

It has fixed side tables that make your cooking experience even easier and an open cart design where you can hang your dishcloths, so they are right there when you need them. 


  • 792 square inch cooking space – a lot of food can be cooked at the same time
  • Four independent burners – they can be controlled separately, giving you more flexibility with your cooking
  • Griddle is detachable – taking it off makes it easier to clean and hose it off thoroughly


  • Flimsy frame – the frame will not collapse but it shakes a bit which can be unnerving when you are cooking, especially around children or high winds

#8 Cuisinart CGG-888 Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle Cooking Center

The Cuisinart Cooking Centre is another interesting-looking griddle. It is a 22-inch round griddle with two independently controlled burners with low and high heat zones that can be accessed from all angles.

This is great for big groups of people or multiple cooks, and it also works well for naturally funneling the grease to the easily removed grease cup. 

You can also use this griddle to smoke, steam, or bake as the stainless-steel lid has a vent and can keep food warm after you are done cooking.

Your cooking experience will be efficient with this Cuisinart product as it has a prep space consisting of a foldable table and a kitchen roll holder which keeps all the things you need in hand reach. 


  • 360 griddle space – cooking becomes more flexible and utilizes space well
  • Stainless steel lid with vent – you can smoke, bake and steam food 
  • Prep space – keeps everything close and organized


  • Two burners – limits the amount of temperature flexibility you can have with cooking food

#9 Cuisinart Flat Top 28” Two Burner Gas Griddle

Do you think your food is still a bit too greasy for your liking? Well, this griddle has not one but two grease cups that sit at the front and are easily accessible.

The cooking surface gives you 644 square inches of space to work with which will feed many hungry guests and has two powerful burners that heat up quickly and evenly distributes the temperature on the griddle. You have the ability to create different heat zones ranging from 200°F to 450°F. 

The cooking station is very portable and easily becomes flat and compact with its folding design that lets you store it in the winter or in the back of a car. It also has wheels and a grip handle on one side that makes it easy to position and move around. 


  • Two grease cups – gets rid of more grease and do not need to be emptied as frequently
  • Folds flat – you can put it away in small spaces and is easy to move around


  • Two burners – you can only create two different heat zones instead of three or four that other griddles provide

#10 Country Smokers Plains 2-Burner Portable Gas Griddle

This is a griddle that is not flashy but very practical and was made with the understanding of what its job was. It looks a little bit old-fashioned compared to the other griddles on this list as it has a very simple design with lots of straight lines but it does not perform like a tired old griddle. 

Its 373 square inch cooking surface feeds up to six people and is powered by two independent burners with protective covers, helping them maintain their heat in cold weather conditions. 

It is lightweight and portable, featuring collapsible legs and a grease cup that hangs from the bottom of the griddle. 


  • Protected burners – the wind or cold temperatures do not affect the burners 
  • Portable – it is lightweight (30 pounds) and the legs collapse, saving a lot of space


  • Grease cup – the grease cup is not very secure and swings about a bit which makes it less effective at catching all the grease 
  • Two burners – limited to two heat zones

#11 Razor Griddle 37” Outdoor Steel Propane Griddle

You can turn this griddle on with a button that brings the four stainless steel burners to life. The cooking surface that can fit up to 57 burgers at once that can sear meat to perfection.

You can also store your spices and ingredients on the two convenient folding side shelves with stainless steel bars that hang towels or paper towels for easy clean-up. After use, the shelves can then be folded up to create a protective lid for the griddle and the wheels let you push it into the garage. 


  • Large cooking space – can cook up to 57 burgers at a time 
  • Four burners – gives lots of flexibility for heat zones


  • Griddle isn’t flat – food items might roll around a bit 

Buyer’s Guide


Finding the right propane griddle for you comes down to if you favor cooking space or portability. 

Having more cooking space also means that the griddle will have more burners, usually up to three or four which can be controlled independently. Having more heat zones lets you can cook a larger selection of food at once and it will all be ready at the same time. 

Portable griddles have useful designs that allow you to collapse them, wheel them, and carry them and these are important features to have for those who like to travel and cook at campsites.

They tend to have two burners that can be controlled independently but do not offer as much flexibility or power. 


There are griddles on this list that stick to what they know and that is griddling but others offer more such as cutting boards, paper towel holders, garbage holders, and more.

Most of these griddles have shelves and prep areas that come in different shapes and sizes but will make your cooking experience much easier so try not to overlook a griddle with shelves. Having a lid is also important for griddles that are to be kept outside as they offer protection from the elements as well as keeping food warm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put A Griddle On A Propane Grill? 

Yes, you can and it’s quite easy. All you need to do is buy a griddle plate for your grill that meets similar measurements so that it will fit. You can get a griddle plate that covers the whole grill or just a section so that you can enjoy the versatility that having both a grill and a griddle can offer.

Make sure to drain the grease so that it does not drip down onto the grill as this can cause a grease fire. To prevent this, buy a griddle plate that has a draining system. 

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